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We are a full service investigation-litigation support investigative company. We serve the business community as well as the private individual


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With many long-standing clients in the legal, corporate, insurance, private and government sectors, we here at Alpha Group are proud of our reputation within the investigation community as a company that can be counted upon to handle critical assignments effectively and deliver the type of results our clients expect and deserve.


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Alpha Group Investigations performs domestic and international investigations for private and corporate clients. With offices in New York, New Jersey and Florida and affiliate offices throughout the United States, Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East; Alpha Group provides the industry’s most comprehensive, diligent and confidential investigations.

All of Alpha Group’s investigations are conducted with our client’s expectation of complete confidentiality in mind. We perform surveillance in a discreet yet unobtrusive manner and with the most advanced technology. Alpha Group utilizes the most advanced authorized database research technology available.

Our research team conducts assignments with the expertise and skill second to none by maintaining a superior staff and providing them with the tools required that allows Alpha Group to provide the most up to date and accurate case information available.

Our commitment


Alpha Group is excited to announce that President Frank Shea has been accepted as an International member of the Association of British Investigators

Forensic Legal Investigations, Former prosecutor and Judge, Hon. Edward W. McCarty III joins Alpha group investigations as a legal advisor. As an expert in the field of art law, he will provide  Alpha Group with new insights into art security, investigations into art theft and redemption activities to recover stolen or missing works of art.

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Art Theft, Security & Recovery

Recent Promotions

Alpha Group Investigations is happy to announce that Denise White has been promoted to Vice President of Alpha Group Investigations, Florida.

Alpha Group Investigations President, Frank Shea

Hon. Edward W. McCarty III joins the Alpha Group Team

Denise White, Vice President Florida Offices




Some local police officers have raised concerns over a new website that lists the names and addresses of all pistol-permit holders on Long Island, including retired cops. NEWS 12 Long Island's Drew Scott interviews Alpha Group Investigations CEO and Former NYPD Detective Frank Shea, who believes publishing the registry could cost lives.

Some of the richest, wealthiest people in America live in Greenwich, Conn. And, you know, Andrew wanted to play the part, says FBI special investigator Steve Garfinkel. It's where 46-year-old Andrew Kissel hoped to make his name in real estate. Instead, in 2006, he became the community's most infamous murder victim.

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Book by Kevin Mccarthy


Book by Joe McGinniss

As boys, Robert and Andrew Kissel competed and excelled. As men, they made millions “Robert in the Asian markets and Andrew in real estate. But a darkness was chasing the brothers down. In November 2003, Robert was murdered in his posh Hong Kong apartment. Two-and-a-half years later, Andrew was found stabbed to death in his Greenwich Connecticut mansion.

Investigator Frank Shea talks about his last conversation with Rob Kissel just before he died and what it was like testifying in a Hong Kong courtroom

At thirty-nine, Nancy Kissel had it all: glamour, gusto, garishly flaunted wealth, and the royal lifestyle of the expatriate wife. Not to mention three young children and what a friend described as the best marriage in the universe. That marriage to Merrill Lynch and former Goldman Sachs investment banker Robert Kissel ended abruptly one November night in 2003 in the bedroom of their luxury apartment high above Hong Kong's glittering Victoria Harbour.

News 12 long island:

Website lists pistol permit holders

48 Hours Mystery:

The Murder of Andrew Kissel

A family cursed

The Kissel Dynasty, a Gilded Fortune, and Two Brutal Murders

DATELINE: Frank Shea

Tries to Warn Robert Kissel

Never enough

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